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Fun with letters!

My name…sort of.

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Reflections – 3

Hello again. This will be my final reflective video blog for my Digital Media class at U of R. The most challenging part about the last 5 weeks has been managing the workload. Video creation takes a lot of time. The process from assignment to pre-production to filming to post take hours and hours. Since this is a summer course and compressed into 6 weeks, the projects are all right on top of each other and there’s really no down time. My weekends have been all homework, all the time for a month. I’m very pleased with the results of all that work and the skills I’ve gained through practice in each phase of the creative process.
Although I’ve had some experience with video editing, becoming familiar with iMovie and also the why’s and how’s of professional videography has been great. I hope to use the technical skills both professionally and with my personal videos of my family.
When I signed up for the class, I didn’t realize it was going to be as hands-on as it has been and I’m very glad that it was. I learn visually so being able to get my digital hands dirty really is my favorite method. The time commitment has been challenging but I think that was compounded by me and my entire family coming down with an illness that lasted over 3 weeks. That’ll make anything feel more difficult.
Truthfully, this has been one of the more enjoyable and educational courses I’ve taken. It feels like training and not just theory and so many classes aren’t like that. I’ll suggest this to anyone whether they’re in the ISYS program or not.

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Instructional smoothie and tasty too!

Script for those interested.

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Interstellar Interview

Interstellar Interview – a fictional interview

C: Hi, I’m Chat Chitterson and welcome to Who’s That? with Chat Chitterson. My guest today is 5-time Person of the Year, Winner of this year’s Olympus Mons 500, Ruler of Omicron Persei 7 and Interplanetary Man of Mystery; Andrew Bowers. Mr. Bowers thank you for joining me today.

A: Well Chum that (points at Chat) is a good question. Where does a man of my unique abilities and overwhelming charm come from? Some say that I must be from a magical realm where children are born with innate leadership abilities and rugged good looks. Others have claimed that I stepped through a gateway from a universe in which all people just have that ‘IT’ factor. Whatever the case may be, I do remember where I came from and that is the secret to keeping me grounded.

C: And it is that ‘IT’ factor that seems to keep your face on the cover of the Interstellar Inquirer. People across the quadrant are itching to know more about you. Are you currently in a relationship?

A: Now now, Chick, a gentleman never kisses and tells. Of course I have relationships. I have (air quotes) RELATIONSHIPS all over the galaxy. It’s not something I like to brag about as I do like to keep my personal life private but you can read all about it in my auto-biography on sale now in all good bookstores.

C: Do you have any plans to go into the entertainment world?

A: Oh my yes, as you know Omicron Persei 7 is within a few light years of Hollyworld and I plan on conquering it as a part of my re-election campaign. Everybody loves a good action flick and what better way to make an action flick than to turn on a camera in a war zone?

C: My final question today is concerning your flagging support in the upcoming election. Are you concerned with the latest poll results which show you down by as much as 15%?

A: Champ, I will not sit here and be insulted by your rumor-mongering and lies! Those polls are non-scientific, unprofessional and unreliable! In fact, this interview is over!

C: Well that seems to be all the time we have today. Thank you for joining me on Who’s That? I’m Chat Chitterson. Good night.

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Letters – Z

OK, I’ll admit it. I looked everywhere and found no Z’s. Not even above my sleeping family member’s heads. I even checked the fish in the middle of the night. No Z’s.

So I made one. It’s a lame way to end the series but unless I find a new one this’ll have to do.

Kind of a boring end, but that’s fitting for a Zzzzzzz…

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Letters – Y

Y, that’s just awesome!

Ok, this has to be a serious contender for my favorite letter of the bunch. I didn’t quite expect it to turn out as well as it did. This is not a dim bulb, but compensation through the camera for an extremely bright bulb.

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Letters – X

X marks the spot on my laundry room wall.

Besides that, the intake and output hoses from my washing machine make a great letter X!

This picture is rated X

I’m sure there’s a joke about crossing the streams in here somewhere.

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Letters – W

Many pretty W’s all in a row.

Oh what is the letter we love? What sound are we extra fond of? It’s not any trouble, you know it’s a W, when you hear Wuh Wuh Wuh Wuh!

Ok, if you have no idea what that’s about, you don’t have a child with a Sesame Street obsession or any memory of the muppet Bert and his W obsession.

Here’s my offering to the National Association of W Lovers.

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Letters – V

Vhat vould you say if I told you there vas a letter V in this stainless steel burner cover? Vell, there is!

Va-Va-Va Voom! That’s a bunch of V’s

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Letters – U

Oh, I see what U did there…

This one took a tripod and some timing with my remote shutter release. I wanted to capture the water droplet just before it broke away from the faucet. As you see, it makes a perfect U as it stretches away from the source. There’s even a little highlight around the outer rim that makes a nice u-shaped line.