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Reflections – 1

In my first YouTube video, ever, I went a little over the required two minutes. Introductions can be so tedious… Hi my name is Andrew Bowers and I guess you’d consider me a senior in the Information Systems program at the University of Richmond. I’m a part of the School of Professional and Continuing Studies […]

Letters – G

As creative as Google is with their g’s and G’s I’d expected this to be easier than it turned out to be. Luckily, my brain sees things even when they’re backwards. I spotted Mr. Big G here as the sunlight provided a nice back lighting. The only problem was that the curtain was facing the […]

Letters – F

I’m not entirely sure what these are used for. My father’s lovely orange wall makes a pretty backdrop for them though. I think maybe they’re for craft work or some such. Oh, and making a killer capital letter F.

Letters – e

After having luck with one ceiling fan in the house, I searched the rest of them for runes. I had been looking for a capital E and was thrilled when I spotted this little e (no not the NASCAR driver). I toyed with highlighting the portion that screams lowercase e to me but I think […]

Letters – D

When I started looking around the classroom after hearing about this assignment, I spotted the power socket, looked for obvious letter-resemblance, and dismissed it as a tiny face but no keeper of letters. On second glance when scouring the house for letters, I noticed that the grounding socket is, in fact, a perfect little capital […]

Letters – C

After taking this shot, I almost wondered if the engineer designed the faceplate of my old boombox to resemble a large letter C. The chrome trim was what I initially noticed but the window just inside the chrome that creates a block-letter C popped out at me after taking the shot. There’s even a thin, […]

Letters – B

Loved the negative space that the ceiling fan blade unintentionally used to create the impression of a capital letter B. I considered holding off and using this for the W but a B isn’t quite as easy to find.