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Reflections – 1

In my first YouTube video, ever, I went a little over the required two minutes. Introductions can be so tedious…

Hi my name is Andrew Bowers and I guess you’d consider me a senior in the Information Systems program at the University of Richmond. I’m a part of the School of Professional and Continuing Studies and I’ve been taking classes at U of R since 2009.
This Summer I’m taking Digital Media with Professor Kenneth Warren and this is the first of three reflective video blogs for the class.
I took this course for a few reasons. Since I am coming down to my final few classes, I needed to knock out my last two elective courses this Summer just due to the fact that I need three more four credit ISYS courses to complete my degree. Since none of those were offered during the summer, unfortunately I was forced to use both of my last two electives. I’d have preferred to space them out over the next two semesters, but scheduling doesn’t always work out that way. So knowing I had to take some electives, I wanted to find an option that both interested me and would benefit me long term in my field. The Digital Media description fit both of those requirements.
I’m hoping that having a little bit of experience in video editing, photography, Photoshop and a few semesters using the Macs we have in our classroom will benefit the class as a whole. I think that we all bring unique perspectives to the class due to it being a SPCS class and the wide variety of life experiences we all have. I’m hoping that my photography background will help me stand out in some of the assignments.
I expect that I will pick up more detailed skill with the video editing software for the Macintosh. I’ve never used iMovie before but I feel pretty confident that I’ll have no problems after the professor’s assurances that it’s similar to Power Director which I’ve used in the past for a work project. That’s it for RVB number one, I’ll see you all again soon!


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