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Reflections – 3

Hello again. This will be my final reflective video blog for my Digital Media class at U of R. The most challenging part about the last 5 weeks has been managing the workload. Video creation takes a lot of time. The process from assignment to pre-production to filming to post take hours and hours. Since this is a summer course and compressed into 6 weeks, the projects are all right on top of each other and there’s really no down time. My weekends have been all homework, all the time for a month. I’m very pleased with the results of all that work and the skills I’ve gained through practice in each phase of the creative process.
Although I’ve had some experience with video editing, becoming familiar with iMovie and also the why’s and how’s of professional videography has been great. I hope to use the technical skills both professionally and with my personal videos of my family.
When I signed up for the class, I didn’t realize it was going to be as hands-on as it has been and I’m very glad that it was. I learn visually so being able to get my digital hands dirty really is my favorite method. The time commitment has been challenging but I think that was compounded by me and my entire family coming down with an illness that lasted over 3 weeks. That’ll make anything feel more difficult.
Truthfully, this has been one of the more enjoyable and educational courses I’ve taken. It feels like training and not just theory and so many classes aren’t like that. I’ll suggest this to anyone whether they’re in the ISYS program or not.


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