Fun with letters!


Reflections – 3

Hello again. This will be my final reflective video blog for my Digital Media class at U of R. The most challenging part about the last 5 weeks has been managing the workload. Video creation takes a lot of time. The process from assignment to pre-production to filming to post take hours and hours. Since […]

Instructional smoothie and tasty too!

Script for those interested.

Interstellar Interview

Interstellar Interview – a fictional interview C: Hi, I’m Chat Chitterson and welcome to Who’s That? with Chat Chitterson. My guest today is 5-time Person of the Year, Winner of this year’s Olympus Mons 500, Ruler of Omicron Persei 7 and Interplanetary Man of Mystery; Andrew Bowers. Mr. Bowers thank you for joining me today. […]

Letters – Z

OK, I’ll admit it. I looked everywhere and found no Z’s. Not even above my sleeping family member’s heads. I even checked the fish in the middle of the night. No Z’s. So I made one. It’s a lame way to end the series but unless I find a new one this’ll have to do.

Letters – Y

Ok, this has to be a serious contender for my favorite letter of the bunch. I didn’t quite expect it to turn out as well as it did. This is not a dim bulb, but compensation through the camera for an extremely bright bulb.

Letters – X

X marks the spot on my laundry room wall. Besides that, the intake and output hoses from my washing machine make a great letter X! I’m sure there’s a joke about crossing the streams in here somewhere.