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Letters – W

Many pretty W’s all in a row.

Oh what is the letter we love? What sound are we extra fond of? It’s not any trouble, you know it’s a W, when you hear Wuh Wuh Wuh Wuh!

Ok, if you have no idea what that’s about, you don’t have a child with a Sesame Street obsession or any memory of the muppet Bert and his W obsession.

Here’s my offering to the National Association of W Lovers.

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Letters – V

Vhat vould you say if I told you there vas a letter V in this stainless steel burner cover? Vell, there is!

Va-Va-Va Voom! That’s a bunch of V’s

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Letters – U

Oh, I see what U did there…

This one took a tripod and some timing with my remote shutter release. I wanted to capture the water droplet just before it broke away from the faucet. As you see, it makes a perfect U as it stretches away from the source. There’s even a little highlight around the outer rim that makes a nice u-shaped line.

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Reflections – 2

I’m about halfway through my Digital Media summer course at this point and there have been a number of assignments that I’ve enjoyed and found interesting to work on. I think my favorites so far would be the letter photography and the digital story. I love photography because it allows you to see the world from a different perspective and the letter assignment is an extension of that. I really do enjoy working with linear video editing software. I’m not 100% pleased with iMovie versus what I’ve used in the past which is Power Director but the processing power and smoothness of the Mac I’ve been using is very nice and kind of makes up for the programs limitations. The in-class discussions we’ve been having concerning the Frakes Analyses is my favorite non-project portion of the class. I really learn best through conversation and collaboration and these commentary sessions following our presentations have been very helpful in understanding the theory behind the digital storytelling.
Writing out my thoughts and forming a short story narrative before jumping into the video editing is something I’ve done in the past and having the assignments set up to require the written portion just reaffirmed my decision to do that on prior projects. The 7 elements of digital storytelling really are the 7 elements of writing. Even the audio and storyboarding portions can be taken into consideration when writing something simply to be read and not viewed and listened to. When I wrote my narration, I was attempting to write it as an audio book performance because I knew that it was intended to be read aloud.
If there is any possibility of taking this course in the future, I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to add Web 2.0 skills to their repertoire. And everybody should want to add those skills no matter their major or intended job. Knowing how to manipulate images, video and words is so vital in the marketplace I can’t imagine not being able to perform these activities.

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Letters – T

My T is an item that my wife bought that we never use. Ever. I think it was for dusting ceiling fan blades but now it’s a T.

It’s like a big pipe cleaner on a stick.

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Letters – S

S hook. S-hook. Youuuuuu s-hook me all night long!

Ok, so I didn’t “find” this one in it’s natural habitat. But it’s hard to take a picture inside a closed utility drawer. This set up nicely with some vibrant colors and an interesting perspective.

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Letters – r

Another score from the handles of my front door. This is the inside of the same handle from the ‘p’.

One of those fancy little r’s you see on wedding invitations and graduation announcements.