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Letters – Z

OK, I’ll admit it. I looked everywhere and found no Z’s. Not even above my sleeping family member’s heads. I even checked the fish in the middle of the night. No Z’s. So I made one. It’s a lame way to end the series but unless I find a new one this’ll have to do. […]

Letters – Y

Ok, this has to be a serious contender for my favorite letter of the bunch. I didn’t quite expect it to turn out as well as it did. This is not a dim bulb, but compensation through the camera for an extremely bright bulb.

Letters – X

X marks the spot on my laundry room wall. Besides that, the intake and output hoses from my washing machine make a great letter X! I’m sure there’s a joke about crossing the streams in here somewhere.

Letters – W

Oh what is the letter we love? What sound are we extra fond of? It’s not any trouble, you know it’s a W, when you hear Wuh Wuh Wuh Wuh! Ok, if you have no idea what that’s about, you don’t have a child with a Sesame Street obsession or any memory of the muppet […]

Letters – V

Vhat vould you say if I told you there vas a letter V in this stainless steel burner cover? Vell, there is!

Letters – U

This one took a tripod and some timing with my remote shutter release. I wanted to capture the water droplet just before it broke away from the faucet. As you see, it makes a perfect U as it stretches away from the source. There’s even a little highlight around the outer rim that makes a […]

Letters – T

My T is an item that my wife bought that we never use. Ever. I think it was for dusting ceiling fan blades but now it’s a T.