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Reflections – 3

Hello again. This will be my final reflective video blog for my Digital Media class at U of R. The most challenging part about the last 5 weeks has been managing the workload. Video creation takes a lot of time. The process from assignment to pre-production to filming to post take hours and hours. Since […]

Reflections – 2

I’m about halfway through my Digital Media summer course at this point and there have been a number of assignments that I’ve enjoyed and found interesting to work on. I think my favorites so far would be the letter photography and the digital story. I love photography because it allows you to see the world […]

Reflections – 1

In my first YouTube video, ever, I went a little over the required two minutes. Introductions can be so tedious… Hi my name is Andrew Bowers and I guess you’d consider me a senior in the Information Systems program at the University of Richmond. I’m a part of the School of Professional and Continuing Studies […]